Thursday, October 6, 2011

K-Town Gangster's Paradise

Hey sweet things, if you missed K-Town have no fear. I have uploaded my video to the internets for your viewing pleasure, so you can rap it out in the comfort of your own home! I choose "Gangster's Paradise" by Coolio. Ya gotta be down for the hood team.

Here's the information about the show.
"K-Town is a video and performance based event by Luke Painter and Meera Margaret Singh that transforms the east area of Angell Gallery into a karaoke lounge. Inspired by karaoke culture and the often disparate and melodramatic video content that accompanies singing in karaoke bars, artists have been invited to create video and animation content to musical hits of their choosing. With a catalogue of over 30 songs, the public can ...visit Angell Gallery September 21st-24th and sing along to their favourite tunes while enjoying the visual treatment of these songs by selected artists and designers. Echoing the current and pervasive adaptation and transformation of on-line content, K-Town irreverently takes pre-existing popular songs and asks artists to remix and respond to them using a variety of visual means."

K-Town: A Karaoke Themed Video and Performance Event. Originally exhibited at Angell gallery on September 21st-24th, and Xpace as a part of Nuit Blanche, on October 1 2011.

"Gangster's Paradise" originally performed by Coolio

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